Saturday, July 29, 2017

Enzo's 1st Birthday

I Know it might be a little bit crazy but we are celebrating are dogs 1st Birthday🎂!!! If you don't know who my dog is I did a post a while ago about him. His name is Enzo and he is a Siberian husky. Me, mum and dad are all very excited but dad also sorta think's that mum and me are a little bit crazy!!!

Mum has made a special something for Enzo. She filled half a container full of water a then put dog food in it. After that it went into the freezer to turn into a ice block for dog's!

Here is the ice block:
Enzo enjoying his ice block:
Enzo with his new birthday bandaner:
Here is a photo of Enzo enjoying the party:

Early in the morning Enzo also had a great big walk. But now he is so so so tired!!!

Here is Enzo tired from his big walk (He's sleeping weirdly as well!!!) :

Enzo is very naughty and we thought he would change but of course he did not change (it's not very surprising though)

That's all of my blog for today I will see you all next time
and Happy Birthday Enzo!!!

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