Friday, March 31, 2017

My Special Place in Hawke's Bay

Hello and welcome back to another blog post today I will be showing you my special place in HB writing I am very proud of this writing because I used all the scenes hear, smell, fell and taste.

Here Is My Writing:

Ocean Beach: A Special Place In Hawke’s Bay

I opened my eyes to a magnificent site. The sun was coming up behind the pale blue wave’s. The sun was reflecting on the water burning up my eyes. The waves came crashing into my feet and cool breeze starts flying up on my skin.

The smooth sand sticks between my toes as I walk towards the salty smell. I can hear the wave’s crashing down and joyful screams of the children as they play in the salty tasting water. Little sprinkles of water falls down like rain from the waterfall wave’s. Then the wave starts getting bigger as it fell over my body. I froze like an ice statue on the beach.
Now the sun was going down burning my eyes once again on the Ocean.

That’s why Ocean Beach is my favorite place and you should go there too.


  1. wow sienna that was amazing I really like how you described
    the water and the ochen keep it up. ;]

  2. Wow sienna this is an outstanding peice of writing it is very detialed and i love the picture this is a awesome topic on ocean and I know everyone love ocean beach to. Great work Sienna.

  3. I love how you did describe your special place keep up the great work:)

  4. awesome writing very good work

  5. I found that your story's not only has special words but it has outstanding words,when I'm reading it I feel calm and I feel relaxed I feel so joyfull when I read your storys. Kai pai Sienna.

    Sincerly Maia Williams.

  6. When I read this blog post it inspired by lot's of ways because i felt like its good to get out side and it's good to lean new things, I really enjoyed learning more about you and I would like to see more of your Blog posts. keep it up Holly.

    Sincerly Maia Williams