Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Hi guys I'm back with another blog post today. I will show you my flower wonderland description. Here it is. I hope you like it

As I turn around right in front of my eyes was a flower wonderland! In the flower wonderland the flowers were Red, purple, pink, blue and white- almost all the colours you could think of.

Trit trot trit trot. When you walk down the pathway, you can hear the mini-waterfall. You can smell the beautiful scent of the honey smelling nectar and pollen from the inside of the flowers. The soft leaves falling from the trees feel like the softest pillow ever!

By the flowers there is a gate. Walk through the gate and there is an amazing sight. There are purple flowers in an endless line. There is also red, pink, white and blue again in a endless line.

If you go into a forest and wonder around you might find the awesome flower paradise too!

See you next time!!!

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