Thursday, June 9, 2016

Learning blog post!!!

You may have noticed from most of my blog posts I love writing. 
That is true that writing is awesome. I am going to show you my limerick poem:

There once was a girl named Sally
Who went to visit a valley
She liked the valley
She found an alley
In an alley there lived Sally.

In our limerick poem we had to have:

  1. Five lines
  2. Last word always rhyme
  3. 8 to 9 syllables on the 1 and 2 line there had to be 5 to 6 syllables on the 3 and 4 line then 8 to 9 on the last line.
Hope you enjoyed, come back soon for the next blog post YAY!!!


  1. That is an awesome Limerick poem Sienna. Great rhyming too.

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  2. That limerick poem was AWESOME!!