Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Did you have a great holiday?
I had the best holiday ever. 2 things I have 2 things I wanted to share with you.
1. hair cut
2. Minecraft with my friend. 

1. My mum gave me a hair cut in the holidays. I love my hair cut. Mum cut my hair short and shaved the left side of my hair. At first I was really scared to have it done but I said yes anyway. 

2. Me and my friend Georgina love love love love love Minecraft. Minecraft is a game that is just like blocks you have to survive and you have to create. Georgina and I created an fire castle. In the castle we both created what we needed like a real house. When I did the bathroom I flooded the bath!!!! We made a backyard with cows, sheep and a pool. Georgina built the water slide. I built the diving board- it was 128 blocks high!!!!!!

Thanks so much for reading

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  1. I like how you started your blog post with a question, it really got my attention.

  2. It really was fun when we played Minecraft together!