Tuesday, March 15, 2016


This is Enzo my puppy:
He is older then two months. At home he has learnt to sit, shake your hand, give me ten, hi five, lie down, crawl and dance. In the car, he goes in the boot. And when the windows in the car are down he jumps on top of the seat so he can get lots of air. At home he gets up to mischief because he always grabs my undies and when dad tries to get them back, Enzo runs as fast as he can so dad can't catch him. Now that's my puppy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Favourite book

 Hi I`m back and I am blogging this about my favourite bookFor my favourite book we had to write about the book we choose and put a picture of the book I choose diary of a wimpy kid. Here it is:

Diary of a wimpy kid is my favourite book because it is funny and it has great characters.This book is about a boy called Greg who lives with his two brothers Rodrick and Manny.He also lives with his mum and dad.I loved this book if you read it i`m sure you will love it to.