Thursday, November 17, 2016


Welcome back!
On Monday all the Nui Children (Including Me!) went to the sports park for something called athletics day. On athletics day some people went early so they could do the 400 m sprint or the 800 m sprint. I didn't do any of those sprints. 1st was the 100 m sprint. I came 4th or 5th in that race.

Next was the soft ball throw I think I did well with it but I didn't get into the finals.
After the softball throw it was hurdles - everyone was so fast and speedy!

When we finished the hurdles (which was very fast) we walked over to the long jump

The long jump was a very close one. I was so close to beating someone's score who was in the finals. I was so close!!!
Then it was time for the 200 m sprint I came 4th or 5th just like the 100 m sprint!!!
There is just one more event to go the high jump!!!
I could not do the high jump because I skinned my toes on the track OWWWW!!!! But it was fun to watch. There was a practice one and a normal one. The normal one looked pretty tall!!

Thank's for reading my blog post!
The high jump was my favorite Please comment and tell me what was your favorite event that's all for now so BYE!


  1. Great post Sienna. It sounds like you had a great day.
    High jump was my favourite event to.

  2. awesome job Sienna I liked how you added lots of detail. and my
    favourite event will have to be
    the high jump as well. :]:]:]:]:]:]:]

  3. what a awesome job I like the way the you did some emoji well the ball was on

  4. nice job on the post i came 1st in the 100 meter sprint

  5. Wow Sienna!That was a really great piece of writing!You really told the reader all about how the year 4s did the athletic's day.I saw that you did so well in the long jump,you WERE so close!Atleast you tried you'r hardest!My favorite was the 400m sprint.keep it up!!!

  6. Wow Sienna that is such a great post with so much detail. I was'nt there but I think my favorite is the highjump.

  7. Well done Sienna That is awesome detail
    My favorite one was Long jump :)

  8. awesome post sienna I like how you added lots of detail to your Post well done.

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    1. Thank you so so so much Nikita
      that comment was very nice
      Thank you again Nikita!!! ;)

  10. Great work!!!!!!!Your work has Huuuge PRIDE