Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Robotics YAY!!!!

Hello Everyone I have a different blog post for you today  
that blog is robotics. We built our robots out of Lego and used a remote to control them. We found out that some robots are not that smart they can be very dumb some others are amazing. It was very hard at starting to build when we got further in to building it got that little bit easier. 
Here are some of the parts that we had to build are robot with:
It was a fun experiance to build and work with a robot. If you have not done it before you should because it is very fun to work with robots!

Thats all I have for today I will be back soon
BYE guys!!! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

VolleyBall slide show

I am back with a update blog post of my.......

My slide show is about VolleyBall
It is how to play.
please ENJOY:

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Learning Blog Post

I am back with another learning blog post.
At school we have been learning about the Olympics.
We learnt about athletes and sports.
Were doing a project like are passion project we could choose a sport, history, athletes and more. I decided I would choose a sport. That sport was Volleyball.
Here is a picture of my notes

My Notes:

I still need to do more to make it a full project.
I will make other blog posts about my project so you can keep up to date
Hope you enjoyed 

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I will be back with another blog post soon 

BY :)


Did you have a great holiday?
I had the best holiday ever. 2 things I have 2 things I wanted to share with you.
1. hair cut
2. Minecraft with my friend. 

1. My mum gave me a hair cut in the holidays. I love my hair cut. Mum cut my hair short and shaved the left side of my hair. At first I was really scared to have it done but I said yes anyway. 

2. Me and my friend Georgina love love love love love Minecraft. Minecraft is a game that is just like blocks you have to survive and you have to create. Georgina and I created an fire castle. In the castle we both created what we needed like a real house. When I did the bathroom I flooded the bath!!!! We made a backyard with cows, sheep and a pool. Georgina built the water slide. I built the diving board- it was 128 blocks high!!!!!!

Thanks so much for reading

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I will be back with another blog post soon.