Wednesday, September 6, 2017

STEM Engineers 2

Lately we have been doing STEM, STEM is a thing that we do every Friday and we get a challenge we have done Architects, Architects 2, Engineers and this blog post is for Engineers 2.

Here is my slide show for STEM:


I hope you enjoyed my blog and the slide.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Reading Post Short Cut To school

Welcome Back!

Hi and welcome back to another blog post today I am going to show you my reading. For reading since are classroom is Star Wars themed I am the group called Chewbacca. here are all the groups:
Sky Walker, Leia, Boba, R2D2, Kylo Ren, Yoda, Hans Solo, Chewbacca, Greedo, Ray, Darth Vader and Jabba. My group had a story called short cut to school. My group had to do a summary, some key words for start, middle and end and for the start, middle and end we had to do a small summary.
Here is my reading:

Short Cut to School

Key Words
Witch, Warts, Shouts
Mum shouts and we see Mrs Pratt with warts
Pushed, Ran, Tripped Up
Mum pushed us out the door we ran and nearly tripped up
Bolt, Black Cat, Normal Person
We were waiting for a lightning bolt out of her finger there was a black cat and Mrs Pratt was a normal person

Overall summary: (25 words)

Were late for school mum shouts at us we started running we had to go through the shortcut (Mrs Pratt’s garden) She’s not scary witch.

Thank you for reading my learning post!
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Enzo's 1st Birthday

I Know it might be a little bit crazy but we are celebrating are dogs 1st Birthday🎂!!! If you don't know who my dog is I did a post a while ago about him. His name is Enzo and he is a Siberian husky. Me, mum and dad are all very excited but dad also sorta think's that mum and me are a little bit crazy!!!

Mum has made a special something for Enzo. She filled half a container full of water a then put dog food in it. After that it went into the freezer to turn into a ice block for dog's!

Here is the ice block:
Enzo enjoying his ice block:
Enzo with his new birthday bandaner:
Here is a photo of Enzo enjoying the party:

Early in the morning Enzo also had a great big walk. But now he is so so so tired!!!

Here is Enzo tired from his big walk (He's sleeping weirdly as well!!!) :

Enzo is very naughty and we thought he would change but of course he did not change (it's not very surprising though)

That's all of my blog for today I will see you all next time
and Happy Birthday Enzo!!!

Scary Post

Welcome bloggers to another blog post. Today we are having a free choice post I decided to do something different I am going to tell you a spooky story that I started writing. Enjoy😀!!!

"Hi Summer" said Sienna as she approached the spooky mask's shop. "Hey Sienna" she shouted "I coming to get a mask what about you?" I asked "me too!" she said happily.
We walked into the shop 'Ding' "Hello" the shop owner said in a weird voice "how can I help you two today". Summer started talking "we both want really really spooky mask's" "Well I think I've got you covered there I have two very scary mask's". "Yay!!!" Summer and Me were so happy. She came back with a werewolf mask

Self-reflection task

Welcome back to my blog, Today I will show you my self-reflection task. It was a task that we have to answer 6 questions to go into our report so we had to reflect back on half of the year in Rimu hub:
  1. It is an amazing experience to be in Rimu hub. My favorite thing about Rimu is the collaborating because we have learning buddies and in Rimu there is a lot of help. We all help each other. I think it is awesome to be able to choose our own workshops. We can choose the ones that we need to learn.  I think I am a very good learning buddy I am the older buddy to help my younger buddy. I help her a lot. Sometimes my buddy also helps me.

  1. What do you think about being able to choose your own workshops? I think it is awesome to be able to choose our own workshops. We can choose the ones we need to learn.

  1. What are you like as a learning buddy? I think I am a very good learning buddy I am the older buddy to help my younger buddy. I help her a lot. Sometimes my buddy also helps me.  

  1. What is your favourite subject and why? Maths because it is fun & it helps my brain learn a lot. Maths is my favorite because it is also very challenging. I use my perseverance learning muscle to help me.

  1. What learning muscle have you been focussed on this year? I have been focused on my resilience learning muscle in the resilience muscle absorption. Absorption is when you get stuck into your work.

6. What is you your favourite learning space and why? My favorite space is the quiet room because it is a very quiet and has a nice big space. In the quiet room I get way more things done to get to fun day.  

I think I did a really good job on my reflection

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Animal Report

Easy Blog Photo
I am learning to find information and put it into my own words. To get information you can get it off the internet or you can read a book. I got my information by doing both of those things. Please read my animal report. Diet Green sea turtles feed on sea grass that grows in the shallow sea water. How a green turtle moves A green sea turtle moves its flippers back and forth slowly like slow motion. Habitat Green sea turtles live in warm and shallow enough oceans for their food (sea grass) to grow. Prey Seabirds,crabs and raccoons eat baby sea turtles when they hatch out of their eggs. Special Characteristics Male and female sea turtles are equal in their size. The green sea turtle can grow up to be 28 inches tall. They can weigh up to be 1500 pounds. Their shell is thick, bony and heavy the shell is usually dark brown.They don't get their name from their shell they get it from their green flesh.

Friday, March 31, 2017

My Special Place in Hawke's Bay

Hello and welcome back to another blog post today I will be showing you my special place in HB writing I am very proud of this writing because I used all the scenes hear, smell, fell and taste.

Here Is My Writing:

Ocean Beach: A Special Place In Hawke’s Bay

I opened my eyes to a magnificent site. The sun was coming up behind the pale blue wave’s. The sun was reflecting on the water burning up my eyes. The waves came crashing into my feet and cool breeze starts flying up on my skin.

The smooth sand sticks between my toes as I walk towards the salty smell. I can hear the wave’s crashing down and joyful screams of the children as they play in the salty tasting water. Little sprinkles of water falls down like rain from the waterfall wave’s. Then the wave starts getting bigger as it fell over my body. I froze like an ice statue on the beach.
Now the sun was going down burning my eyes once again on the Ocean.

That’s why Ocean Beach is my favorite place and you should go there too.