Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Snow leopard report

Today I've got another writing piece. My writing is a snow leopard report. Hope you like it!! :)

Snow leopard.
A snow leopard is a type of leopard that lives in the snow. There are about 3,500 snow leopards left.

The snow leopard has little leopard prints on the body. On the tail there is bigger leopard prints. Blue eyes,green eyes and brown eyes-  snow leopards have the most amazing eyes. They have their own snow shoe’s. Their fluffy fat feet have protective pads so they don’t get cold feet when they walk in the snow.

Snow leopards sometimes eat beetles, rats, hares, fish, guinea fowls and baboons. They also eat Springbok, Kudu and giant eland. Some snow leopards eat panda cubs they cannot eat giant pandas because they grow much bigger and they are much stronger. All species of leopards are carnivores. They will eat monkeys, fish, rodents, large birds and reptiles as well.

Some snow leopards live in central Russia. Some other snow leopards live in central Asia. The rest of them either live in China or India. In their homes it is a cold dry climate.

Their behavior is very simple- they should be very calm and low key. They are also active at dawn The cat is a solitary hunter. A snow leopard will share the hunting with a mate during breeding season.

Snow Leopards are very endangered and need to be looked after.

Hope you liked it- please look after the snow leopards. They are very endangered. I hope there was lots of information for you. See you next time! :)


  1. well done those facts are very well done I love your blog

  2. Welll done sienna that is awesome

  3. Well done sienna I have learnt a lot from you so far.Keep the good work up :)