Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Snow leopard report

Today I've got another writing piece. My writing is a snow leopard report. Hope you like it!! :)

Snow leopard.
A snow leopard is a type of leopard that lives in the snow. There are about 3,500 snow leopards left.

The snow leopard has little leopard prints on the body. On the tail there is bigger leopard prints. Blue eyes,green eyes and brown eyes-  snow leopards have the most amazing eyes. They have their own snow shoe’s. Their fluffy fat feet have protective pads so they don’t get cold feet when they walk in the snow.

Snow leopards sometimes eat beetles, rats, hares, fish, guinea fowls and baboons. They also eat Springbok, Kudu and giant eland. Some snow leopards eat panda cubs they cannot eat giant pandas because they grow much bigger and they are much stronger. All species of leopards are carnivores. They will eat monkeys, fish, rodents, large birds and reptiles as well.

Some snow leopards live in central Russia. Some other snow leopards live in central Asia. The rest of them either live in China or India. In their homes it is a cold dry climate.

Their behavior is very simple- they should be very calm and low key. They are also active at dawn The cat is a solitary hunter. A snow leopard will share the hunting with a mate during breeding season.

Snow Leopards are very endangered and need to be looked after.

Hope you liked it- please look after the snow leopards. They are very endangered. I hope there was lots of information for you. See you next time! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Hi guys I'm back with another blog post today. I will show you my flower wonderland description. Here it is. I hope you like it

As I turn around right in front of my eyes was a flower wonderland! In the flower wonderland the flowers were Red, purple, pink, blue and white- almost all the colours you could think of.

Trit trot trit trot. When you walk down the pathway, you can hear the mini-waterfall. You can smell the beautiful scent of the honey smelling nectar and pollen from the inside of the flowers. The soft leaves falling from the trees feel like the softest pillow ever!

By the flowers there is a gate. Walk through the gate and there is an amazing sight. There are purple flowers in an endless line. There is also red, pink, white and blue again in a endless line.

If you go into a forest and wonder around you might find the awesome flower paradise too!

See you next time!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rimu hub learning

Right its time I told you a little bit about Rimu hub first i'll show you around.

This is the quiet room

 This is for when you just want to work quietly. In there is a few tables so you can work on them. On the wall there is writing on the other wall there is some maths.(Its not at its best now because all our work has gone everywhere). In the quiet room there is a reading space for you to read on all the comfy coshins.

I would take a photo of a main room but we are all posting blog posts and comments. In Rimu Hub my favorite thing so far this year Is are writing. My favourite writing is my happy poem. Here it is:

I love Rimu hub!!!! :)