Saturday, July 29, 2017

Animal Report

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I am learning to find information and put it into my own words. To get information you can get it off the internet or you can read a book. I got my information by doing both of those things. Please read my animal report. Diet Green sea turtles feed on sea grass that grows in the shallow sea water. How a green turtle moves A green sea turtle moves its flippers back and forth slowly like slow motion. Habitat Green sea turtles live in warm and shallow enough oceans for their food (sea grass) to grow. Prey Seabirds,crabs and raccoons eat baby sea turtles when they hatch out of their eggs. Special Characteristics Male and female sea turtles are equal in their size. The green sea turtle can grow up to be 28 inches tall. They can weigh up to be 1500 pounds. Their shell is thick, bony and heavy the shell is usually dark brown.They don't get their name from their shell they get it from their green flesh.

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